Warmachine & Hordes World Team Championship (WMH WTC)

The Warmachine & Hordes World Team Championship (WTC) is an independently run annual international teams tournament for the game of Warmachine & Hordes.

WTC Facebook

The Warmachine & Hordes WTC is a tournament open to any country that is home to an active Warmachine & Hordes playing community and possesses a willingness to participate within the rules and spirit of the event. The WTC will be held in October each year with the potential to be held by various host nations from one year to the next.

The idea to introduce a World Team Championship for Warmachine & Hordes was inspired by the success of the European Team Championship (ETC) for Warhammer Fantasy, 40K and Flames of War that has been run for several years and grown from strength to strength.

Similar to the ETC the WTC will be hosted by a different country each year conditional on finding a suitable and willing host nation: The inaugural World Team Championships will be held in Kasterlee, Belgium – a short train ride from Brussels. The WTC will be held from 5th to 6th October 2013 but this date is not 100% confirmed yet!

What are the tournament rules for the World Team Championship? A short summary:

  • The WTC is run under the official Warmachine & Hordes game system.
  • The WTC is a team event with each team comprising of five (5) players.
    • A maximum of 32 teams will be accepted at the 2013 WTC.
    • All 5 players within each team must have a current residential address for the country they are representing at the WTC.
    • A maximum of 2 teams from any country will be allowed to compete at the WTC.
    • Entry into the WTC will be conducted on a nomination basis.
    • Each country that wants to attend the WTC will be free to implement whatever selection process they think best suits their tournament scene.
  • The most recent official Steamroller rules published by Privateer Press will be enforced for the WTC.
    • Teams will be paired off against each other randomly in the first round and use the Swiss System from the 2nd round onwards.
    • The WTC will be run over two (2) days consisting of 5 rounds, 3 on the Saturday and 2 on the Sunday.
    • WTC will be enforcing the current Hardcore painting standard.

Warmachine & Hordes WTC

The current WTC Committee members:

  • Andrew Galea
  • Peter Gaublomme
  • Jamie Perkins
  • Klaas Luyckx
  • Norbert Brunhuber

One of the people involved in the WTC planning group, Stefan Mader, is the organiser of the Open European Team Championships of Warmachine & Hordes (OETC): Stefan has organised and run the OETC for the last two years in Austria and is well under way with his preparations for 2012. The idea is that the OETC will morph into the WTC from 2013 and onwards.

There are roughly 3 months between now and the 1st round of nominations: some time to spread the word and put the feelers out to find out how many players are interested in representing a country at the WMH WTC. Keep track of announcements on Twitter and Facebook as things get closer and prepare yourself for what is hopefully going to be a prestigious and exciting Warmachine & Hordes event!

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