Khador Conquest

It took some months, but the smoke is clearing slowly and surely, and the Khador Conquest gets closer to the reflection Privateer Press thought it would get instantly:The Conquest is a walking mountain of steel bristling with some of the most powerful weapons ever used on the battlefields of the Iron Kingdoms. The deafening roar of the colossal’s steam-fed engine is punctuated by the staggering percussion of its devastating guns, which unleash a punishing barrage of shells able to reduce warjacks to slag and annihilate entire enemy formations. Deployed to the front lines, the Conquest brings unrivaled firepower to Khadoran battlegroups.

My Khador Conquest: still missing its left shoulder and main guns... - Privateer Press: This is really extremely annoying!

19 Points

Like all other gargossals, Conquest is pretty expensive: 19 points are about a third of a 50 points army list and they definitely need justification! And well, there are lots of comparisons out there, mostly comparing Conquest to some full unit with UA and solos. But we’re talking about a jack here, aren’t we? Besides, most comparisons ignore the functions Conquest adds to your army, so let’s try to include them. The best comparable Khador jack is the Spriggan. Like Conquest, Spriggan is a non-character jack and a great toolbox:

Toolbox Warjack

Conquest and Spriggan offer reach, high armour, same SPD and MAT, high P+S, and some 3” AOEs on top: Conquest sadly doesn’t have flares or the Bulldoze ability but wouldn’t be able to bulldoze its way through an infantry unit anyway (not even one single model in front of it!) due to its huge base. On the other hand, Conquest has the pathfinder ability and two additional 3” AOEs effectively (Linked Guns, all with +2 POW) and can use Creeping Barrage alternatively. These are at least the first 10 of 19 points.


What Conquest adds beyond Spriggan’s abilities is a range 15”, POW 15, 4” AOE: Conquest’s main guns offer great firepower – comparable to Khador’s Mortar Crew only. The mortar’s range is a bit higher (+1” although Conquest can advance and shoot) and offers +1 POW (but the same for blast damage). Conquest’s shot is simply boostable. And besides, Conquest adds an 8% chance to get Critical Devastation on a hit (vs. DEF 12: about 35% if boosted and 50% if boosted and with Hand of Fate) but doesn’t have Arcing Fire. Still, these are the next 3 for a total of 13 of 19 points comparing Conquest functionally.


Now it’s getting a bit tricky as we have to add Conquest’s outstanding durability to the comparison: Conquest has 62 boxes, Spriggan has 34 “only”. The easiest way is to add a Berserker with additional 31 boxes. Assuming you wouldn’t allocate 3 focus to the Spriggan and the Berserker (if you ever would), we still have to compare the damage output in melee. Conquest: 5x P+S 22, Spriggan: 4x P+S 18 + 1x P+S 14, Berserker: 2x P+S 16. That’s 110 vs. 118 in total (add 1D6 if your Berserker could charge). As we’re talking about durability here, we have to consider that we’re losing 2 ARM (and reach and pathfinder) with the Berserker. And it’s pretty different to have 62 boxes with one jack or 65 with two of them. Anyway, it seems to be fair to add these missing 6 points to the total of 19 points.

Spriggan, Mortar Crew, Berserker

For sure, like any comparison this functional comparison isn’t perfect as well. But hopefully it offers a better basis for your decision while building lists. What you’re losing each and every time is flexibility: 19 points bounded to one single huge base play pretty differently compared to 3 (or more) models – faster if needed for example. And there are some important additional special rules you should consider as well.


Conquest is a colossal with all the additional rules other jacks (like Spriggan or the Berserker) simply don’t have:

  • Conquest comes on a huge base (120 mm): Hiding your caster has never been easier!
  • Conquest has reach: just great and only available with Beast 09, Spriggan, and Scrapjack.
  • Conquest has pathfinder: an important ability only Kodiak, Torch (if charging), and Scrapjack offer.
  • Conquest can shoot while in melee.
  • Conquest has access to all power attacks: Additionally, Conquest offers Power Strike and Sweep.
  • Conquest can’t be knocked down, made stationary, or disrupted.
  • And last but not least: enemy models can’t take control of Conquest.

But there are some “colossal” downsides as well:

  • Conquest must be deployed before everything else.
  • Conquest has to be in the battlegroup: it can’t be marshalled!
  • Conquest can only advance or be moved during its normal movement.
  • Conquest can’t gain DEF bonuses for concealment, cover, elevation, or being in melee.
  • Conquest can’t hide behind clouds or forests.
  • Conquest can be targeted by CRAs while they are in melee.


The Khador Conquest is a great toolbox that doesn’t have to fear any functional comparison: Conquest is a non-character jack you can add to all of your tournament lists. Conquest adds lots of meaningful functions to most Khador casters’ armies: especially reach, pathfinder, heavy hitting power as well as good shooting. Conquest combines anti-infantry and anti-armor roles.

Conquest is pretty focus efficient, a fact all Khador casters love: Conquest stays effective with one (boost to hit on main guns, run, or charge) or even no focus at all thanks to 2x P+S 22 in melee. Conquest offers a great place to hide and advance your caster securely – even through rough terrain.

Conquest likes but doesn’t need a minimum unit of Battle Mechaniks: What Conquest really loves is Infernal Machine or Superiority. And Conquest’s main guns like Hand of Fate (or Signs and Portents) and a boost to hit during your first turns. All Khador casters can make good use of their shiny new toy.

In short: If you like Spriggan at 35 points, you’re definitely going to love Conquest at 50 points.

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