My Conquest’s Odyssey and Privateer Press’ Quality

It’s just 4 days ago when I had to use the following picture to illustrate my Conquest-post: It’s my Khador Conquest with its missing left shoulder and main guns. I added the following caption to the photo: “Privateer Press: This is really extremely annoying!

My Khador Conquest: still missing its left shoulder and main guns...

My Conquest’s odyssey started on September the 19th: I bought the last Conquest available at my friendly local gaming store. Being aware of all the packaging problems of Privateer Press, I immediately opened the box at home. And thankfully, everything seemed to be fine – but only at first sight. In truth, I bought a Conquest with two right shoulders and badly founded main guns. #$?§%*

Instead of starting some preparations for the following weekend, I had to create a ticket at Privateer Press to get the missing parts: I’ve heard really bad stories about the mispack service, so I usually return any faulty Privateer Press product to my FLGS directly to get a replacement instantly. But this time I knew I wouldn’t get one. I’ve used PP’s service just once for the missing stat card of Vlad3 … and it took more than 3 weeks to get it.

Anyway, I didn’t have any other option than being hopeful, and on September the 28th the status switched to: “Shipped“! 10 days later I contacted Adam (PPS_Adam on the forums): He’s been very nice and helpful, but my parts just didn’t want to arrive. I had to borrow a Conquest from a friend for tournament reasons, twice. Nothing I like to do, because I know how easily things get broken or scratched. On October the 22nd Adam shipped the parts once more, but well, once again nothing happened.

The end of my Conquest's odyssey: the main guns and left shoulder finally!

Today I was able to take the photo above and I’m ready to finish my Conquest finally! It’s the first package from September 28th that made it through Europe’s customs finally – and spent a night at my neighbour. This isn’t PP’s fault, but it just shouldn’t have happened at all! At least not that often! Refunds are costly for PP (this means: for all of us!) and a running gag meanwhile. Privateer Press should rethink the whole process(es):

  1. PP should use a trackable postal service for replacements: Everyone would know what’s going on and it’d save PP’s customers and its great service a lot of time. Thanks for your patience, Adam!
  2. PP should work on its product quality (control): Badly founded parts are becoming so common that it’s really embarrassing for them.
  3. PP should work on its packaging quality control: Everybody makes mistakes every day. But the frequency of wrong packaging is increasing these days. About a year ago I didn’t have these problems, but during the last 6 months I had to replace every third or even second Privateer Press product I bought. That’s simply too much! And it’s not only me who’s complaining about this trend…

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  1. Shockwave

    While I Agree that it shouldn’t happen. I have found the EU missing parts have been very good at getting replacements to me. The only slow replacement I had was a Cygnar Charger issue I had, where I was informed that because it was a plastic part I had to log it with the US/ Home desk. That took a few weeks. I was concerned (Not scared because I play Cygnar) that I would end up with a Stormwall though……

    • The Vlad3 stat card didn’t have to cross the Atlantic and it still took more than 3 weeks to get it. Conquest’s missing parts had to travel the whole way … and were caught by Europe’s customs. I’m not even sure why they were sent from the U.S.? Anyway, what I hear in my local meta and on tournaments (that’s more regional), things have not only gotten worse for me during the last months. Something needs to be changed in my opinion.

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