Irusk1, Vlad3, Old Witch: My Khador’s New Triumvirate

2012 hasn’t passed yet – but it’s been a great year so far for many reasons! I’ve decided to elect my Khador’s new triumvirate by now – although the Steamroller 2013 hasn’t been published yet. I had lots of fun with my core casters of 2012. I achieved lots of victories – and visited Waterloo equally often. Playing Vlad2, Butcher1, and Irusk1 mostly, it’s time for a general change to beef things up…

2012's Triumvirate: Butcher1, Vlad2, Irusk1


First of all it’s time to retire Vlad2: I’ve been playing him consistently for more than a year now. I’ve even started playing Warmachine with eVlad and his T4 at 20 points – 19 points to be accurate. And thanks to Sylys and the Eliminators he’s still very competitive at 50 points.

I’ve really enjoyed his feat more than once. And I love his bread and butter spells: Transference and Hand of Fate are the best way to support all Iron Fangs, my beloved Uhlans in particular. But still, enough is enough! Vlad2 is and probably always stays my favorite. So before the Dark Champion is getting boring (like the Dark Prince) I’m going to retire him now for a rather longer while.


Then there’s Butcher1, my third caster following Vlad2 and Vlad1: I haven’t played him as consistently as I’ve been playing Vlad2. We never really warmed up. It might be ironic, but I think Orsus Zoktavir isn’t the caster you want for a melee oriented army – not in Khador at least. Khador has more P+S available originary than necessary mostly.

Fury and feat are great, but especially pButcher’s feat is better used on shooty units than on melee ones in my opinion: 5 boosted blasts from Conquest anyone? And by the way: Iron Flesh doesn’t make any Khador caster an auto-include, especially not in the new era we’re facing in my opinion. Anyway, I’ll always order him back if playing against 2 gargossals. But seriously, how likely are these match ups?


Irusk1 was and is a no-brainer for any true Khador player: pIrusk’s “I’m charging and running my army right into your face and totally ignore your counter!“-mentality and ability is just plain lovely and perfectly fits to one of my core requests. Irusk1 is Khador’s workhorse and will definitely stay in my triumvirate.

Giving the Kommandant as many regulars as possible to deny a huge part of the table is awesome: But adding Battle Lust to those tough and not knockdowned troopers to hurt anything around them badly in the successive turn makes him outstanding. On top he offers: Superiority, Iron Flesh, Inhospitable Ground, and Airburst. Grind is the only spell I have never found the right situation for yet.

2013's Triumvirate: Vlad3, Old Witch, Irusk1 - and Scrapjack of course!


Well, obviously there simply has to be one Vlad in my triumvirate, and Vlad3 will fill many roles during the months to come: First and foremost I never – seriously – had so much fun with Khador before. He’s an assassin. He’s probably the assassin in Khador thanks to Flashing Blade and Blood-Quenched. And lVlad rides a horse finally: bringing Combat Rider and Relentless Charge to the party.

In my opinion, the Great Prince of Umbrey wants to play upfront mostly: He really plays very differently compared to any other Khador warcaster available. His tier is great – and not a “trap” at all! Vlad3 is all about speed and field domination – and not only because of his feat. After all there are Dash, Hand of Fate, Infernal Machine to support your army – and even Wind Wall is really useful this time. Lovely!

Old Witch

Last but not least there’s the Old Witch of Khador to finalize my new triumvirate: Having one aggressive and one hyper-aggressive caster, there needs to be someone who’s in control! Zevanna Agha will be the designated primus inter pares of 2013. She’s the one to control the field. She’s the one to control and take down any (mass) infantry army that’ll be left out there in 2013 – while avoiding Cygnar and Legion of course. Finally, she’s the one to win those scenarios where the Kommandant or Great Prince might have a bad time.

And for sure, there’s the fun part as well: OW, Scrapjack, Avatar of Slaughter, and Useen Path are an awesome combination. Having an Arc Node for Gallows is pretty nice for some manipulations. Besides, we don’t have to talk about her feat, Murder of Crows, Iron Flesh, or Weald Secrets, do we?


While Butcher1 stays in the current reserves, there’s one more caster I want to play more often during the months to come: Strakhov! And for sure, it’s the combination of his feat, Superiority, Sentry, and … Conquest that makes the Kommander look highly attractive to me…

So what do you think about my new triumvirate? Will Irusk1, Vlad3, and the Old Witch rock in 2013? Will they be able to deal with the new meta? Dominate it? And besides: Which 3 casters are you going to play mainly in future? Who’s going to lead your forces? Be it for Khador … or any other faction out there.

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  1. Shockwave

    The only one I’m going to comment on is Old Witch, with the Meta shifting to ranged bias and the Huge bases becoming more and more frequently occurring, it looks to me that stock in the Old Witch and her anti-infantry abilities will be dropping. Of cause, we don’t know what Steamroller 2013 will do, but to me thats how it looks.

    • I’m not at all sure yet: OW is an anti-infantry caster and I also think that infantry, light in particular, will become less common. But what does “less common” mean? I think we won’t know it before June 2013. On the other side: I’m testing OW with Conquest currently, so heavy hitting power shouldn’t be such a problem. Additionally I’m testing the Great Bears with her (Weald Secrets is great on them!), so gargossals shouldn’t in general be a problem – even if I can’t avoid the match up. – I just had a game where I had to play my OW test list against 2 Stormwalls. I took down one with the Great Bears and 2 Manhunters, the other with Conquest and Assassins. It’s possible – although it’s been (and always will be) a tough challenge without any damage buffs besides Gorman (or other toolboxes).

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