Steamroller 2013 Rumours #SR2013

UPDATE! Privateer Press has just released the latest set of tournament rules for Warmachine and Hordes: Steamroller 2013, Hardcore 2013 and Masters 2013

There’s an endemic fever on its way currently: it’s called “Steamroller 2013” or “SR 2013“. You’ll find signs of it on all Warmachine and Hordes forums, blogs, podcasts. While rumours are not news, they sometimes foreshadow news. And well, rumours are pure fun. So what do we know about the coming Steamroller?

SR 2013

Hello, 12 Scenarios. Goodbye, Radials.

There are only three (3) known facts about SR 2013. They’ve been spoiled officially by PP’s Will Hungerford about 3 weeks ago:

  1. SR 2013 will be released “early next year.”
  2. SR 2013 consists of twelve select scenarios, some new some old (but tweaked).”
  3. Radials are “going away in SR 2013.”

That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. Everything else of the following is rumours. Period. (Although these rumours seem to come from TOs, Pressgangers, and players who alpha or beta tested SR 2013, it simply doesn’t mean they are correct or part of the final SR 2013 rules.)

SR 2013 Rumours from the Web

Alpha Strike Radio offers the most detailed list:

  • Reinforcements are gone (they’re a variant like casual timers and assassination scoring etc). Flank deployment goes with Reinforcements so unless you’re using them, you won’t deploy like that.
  • There’s a scoring type called Dominate which involves your Warcaster/Warlock being up in the mix. Basically means you score more points. Segues into…
  • Points needed to win have increased to 4 and 5 CP, most the latter. But points able to be scored have increased too as a result of Dominate.
  • Warcasters/Warlocks can still control zones/objectives/flags (through Dominate) but cannot contest them anymore. Basically stops the late-game single model camp (eLich, Terminus etc.) in that there are multiple areas in which to score so they can’t just sit there and deny you the win by being unkillable bar stewards.
  • Physical deployment of zones/flags/objectives has changed for most scenarios that have remained from SR2012, quite dramatically.
  • When Killbox is in effect, it’s 14”, not 10” from board edge. However, you can check the distance between your warcaster and the NEAREST board edge, up to 14” from the edge, at any time during your turn.
  • 12 scenarios total: Close Quarters; Destruction; Incoming; Dispersion; Incursion; Outflank, Outfight, Outlast; Demolition; Rallying Point; Supply and Demand; Support by Fire; Sacrifice; No Man’s Land

Standardized new zone sizes:

  • Wazatdingder on PPF: “I just want to thank you for making it so we only need 2 pieces of geometry, 12” circles and 12”x6” rectangles. … I haven’t seen much else for SR2013, but this makes me very happy.”
  • Pedobearfan42 on Reddit: “There are only 2 zone sizes… 12 inch circles and 12×6 inch boxes.”

Muse on Minis has added one single word: “Specialist

  • Pingulf on PPF: “MOM mentions new SR to have key word ‘specialist’ and they are supposed to be ‘game chaning mechanic’. Speculation and wild quesses?”
  • AndyG on TWF: “Just thought I’d post about something I’d spotted from one of the Templecon 2013 posts on PP forums. One of the midnight events uses a new rule from the SR2013 pack. The event is called ‘Warcasters’ Dilemma’ and the rule is ‘Specialists’.”
  • Pedobearfan42 on Reddit: “Specialists are the same value as reinforcements compared to point size of the game, but are the exact same as a side board to a magic list. You decide on the lists each person is playing then swap models out, any / all or none then roll for first turn.”

So What Does This Mean?

Well, the nice thing about rumours is that they are endemic. So here are the faction specific threads, discussing the impact of facts and rumours:

What’s left? Well, stop reading and start discussing. Or even better: add some additional rumours! ;)

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  1. Docbungle

    The fact we only have 2 zone types now is going to be much welcome I feel and also saying goodbye to reinforcements is a plus. I never got much out of mine and have found in general they didnt add anything to the games being played

    • Definitely! 2 zone types would make life easier for players – and TOs in particular. I really like reinforcements and flanking scenarios so I’d naturally love the idea of them to be optional for any scenario. Ditto for the “Specialist” idea, a rule that sounds great on paper at least. – What I really don’t like is that PP is going to banish Radials? I like them for offering a broader front line and more space for manoeuvres. And I’m not yet sure why they are going to reduce the overall number of scenarios? Choice is great!

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