Battlebox Melee: Mangled Metal Beyond the Battle Box

Battlebox Melee is a set of tournament rules that alters the classic Battle Box rules to play Mangled Metal with mostly any warcaster or warlock, warjack or warbeast:

Battlebox Melee - Playing Vlad1, Spriggan, and a Berserker

Special thanks to The Monk’s Cave and Lost Hemisphere for getting Battlebox Melee on my radar: Battlebox Melee is a great and fun tournament setting. Having lots of games in one evening or day is plain lovely. – By the way: Karchev feels a little bit overpowered here. Isn’t he epic already? ;)

Core Setting of Battlebox Melee

  • Steamroller 2012 with your and special flavours…
  • 24×24” tables: radial deployment, completely within 5” (player 1) or 7” (player 2)
  • Round time: 30 minutes plus a variable, turn time: 5 minutes, one 2-minute extension per game
  • 11 points Mangled Metal: players may still use any official Battle Box, even if it exceeds 11 points.
    • Menoth players may include a single Choir leader model in their army as a 1 point solo.
    • No epic warcasters or warlocks! No theme lists!
    • No character warjacks or warbeasts! Each player may choose one Heavy (H) chassis, and one Light (L) chassis, and may not take models from other chassis within their faction:

Battlebox Melee Chassis

  • Cryx
    • H1: Slayer/Reaper/Corrupter/Seether
    • H2: Harrower/Leviathan/Desecrator
    • L1: Deathripper/Defiler/Nightwretch/Ripjaw
    • L2: Stalker/Scavenger/Helldiver
  • Cygnar
    • H1: Ironclad/Defender/Cyclone/Stormclad
    • H2: Centurion/Hammersmith/Avenger
    • L1: Charger/Lancer/Sentinel/Firefly
    • L2: Hunter/Grenadier/Minuteman
  • Khador
    • H1: Juggernaut/Destroyer/Decimator/Marauder/Kodiak
    • H2: Devastator/Demolisher/Spriggan
    • L1: Berserker
  • Menoth
    • H1: Crusader/Vanquisher/Templar/Guardian
    • H2: Reckoner/Castigator/Sanctifier
    • L1: Repenter/Revenger/Redeemer
    • L2: Devout/Dervish
  • Retribution
    • H1: Phoenix/Manticore/Hydra
    • H2: Daemon/Sphynx/Banshee
    • L1: Gryphon/Chimera/Gorgon/Aspis
  • Mercenaries
    • H1: Driller/Rockram/Avalancher
    • H2: Basher
    • H3: Nomad/Mule/Rover/Mangler
    • H4: Mariner/Freebooter
    • L1: Gunner/Blaster
    • L2: Talon/Vanguard/Renegade
    • L3: Buccaneer
  • Circle
    • H1: Feral/Pureblood/Stalker Warpwolf
    • H2: Gnarlhorn/Shadowhorn Satyr
    • H3: Woldwarden/Woldguardian
    • L1: Furry/Winter Argus
    • L2: Gorax/Griffon
    • L3: Woldwatcher/Woldwyrd
  • Legion
    • H1: Carnivean/Scythean/Ravagore
    • H2: Angel/Seraph
    • L1: Teraph/Raek/Naga
    • L2: Nephilim Soldier/Protector/Bolt Thrower
    • L3: Shredder/Harrier/Stinger
  • Skorne
    • H1: Titan Gladiator/Cannoneer/Sentry/Bronzeback
    • H2: Rhino/Archidon
    • L1: Basilisk Drake/Krea
    • L2: Cyclops Brute/Savage/Shaman
    • L3: Razorworm
  • Trollbloods
    • H1: Mauler/Blitzer/Bomber/Earthborn Dire Troll
    • L1: Pyre/Winter/Slag/Swamp/Storm Troll
    • L2: Troll Axer/Impaler/Bouncer
  • Minions
    • H1: War Hog/Road Hog
    • H2: Wrastler
    • H3: Spitter
    • L1: Gun Boar
    • L2: Bull Snapper
    • L3: Boneswarm/Swamp Horror

Battlebox Melee Scenarios

Spud took Steamroller scenarios and cut 8 of them down to fit on a 24×24” table. – I love scenario #19 in particular:

Battlebox Melee #19 - Killing Happens Here

PS: Spud offers an army list sheet as well! Start your tournament instantly!

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  1. plzblv

    Swamp Horror is not a light warbeast. Is this an oversight?

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