Orange Crush Army 2012: Last Chance to Win!

Last chance! The Thrall Harvest 2012 will end soon: donate now to win this extremely cool Thornfall Alliance Orange Crush Army 2012!

Orange Crush Army 2012

Thrall Harvest 2012

  1. Donate US$ 10+ to Action Against Hunger USA via Razoo.
  2. Receive one chance to win the Orange Crush army per dollar.

The winner will be randomly selected via and announced by Privateer Press staff at Templecon 2013: The number rolled will determine which dollar is the winning one, starting with the first dollar donated to the site. The winner will receive the Orange Crush army. It’s a 50 point Tier 4 Lord Carver army painted by volunteers around the world in an orange-based scheme.

About Kriegsspiele

Kriegsspiele (wargames) talks about tabletop wargaming: Warmachine and Hordes in particular;

One comment

  1. Love the Farrow range!

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