The Flying Heavy Gambit: Superiority for the Win!

Okay, there’ve been a lot of discussions about the Conquest, Spriggan, Irusk2 gambit already, but I encountered the following situation yesterday:

The Flying Heavy Gambit: Superiority for the Win!

Magnus2 had the first turn, moved up fast and feated in his 2nd turn. Well, usually I would have shot at him, causing some damage not boxing him (Shield Guard). But in this very special setting I had another option after the Renegade knocked Strakhov and Gorman down:

  1. Strakhov upkept Superiority on Spriggan.
  2. Strakhov gave Conquest 3 and Spriggan 2 FOC.
  3. Conquest activated, used 1 FOC to throw Spriggan at Magnus2.
  4. Conquest used 1 FOC to boost to hit against Spriggan (just in case).
  5. (UPDATE: The strength test passed without rolling dice: 18 + 2D6 vs. 12 +1D6)
  6. Conquest used 1 FOC to boost to hit against Magnus2.
    1. Unbelievable but true: I missed! 1, 1, 1 with the need for an eight.
    2. Luckily I deviated 1” only: And that’s still a hit!
    3. That’s the 1st damage throw with 18+2D6!
    4. More important: Magnus2 went knockdown!
    5. Spriggan went knockdown… Uhm, no: Spriggan had Superiority. No knockdown! 3 boxes only.
  7. Spriggan activated, forfeited movement (for being thrown!), boxed Magnus2 with his two initials. Game over.

The Flying Heavy Gambit: Superiority for the Win!

Thoughts on the Flying Heavy Gambit

If you’ve got:

  1. Superiority (Irusk1, Strakhov) for a Khador heavy jack (most of them won’t get their weapon systems crippled at 18+2D6 and even a Drakhun could work),
  2. Conquest is 6” around the heavy or Drakhun, and
  3. your opposing caster is 10” around the heavy jack,

…this is a pretty solid tactic against most casters – or very important opposing heavy jacks or beasts with high DEF.

The Math

  1. Conquest needs a 9 with 3D6 against most casters at DEF 15 (74.07% probability – and still 62.50% vs. DEF 16!).
  2. If you hit or deviate 1” only (still a 33% probability!): the target is knocked down and all your successive attacks hit automatically:
  3. You get an unboostable POW 18 damage roll from Conquest’s throw plus a maximum of 4 POW 18 and 1 POW 14 damage rolls from Spriggan – or a POW 14 damage roll with a Drakhun at 3D6 and another at 2D6.

Reality sucks.

Would any opposing caster move into a position 10” away from a Spriggan or Beast09 with Superiority? No, not really! Magnus2 is one of the rare exceptions because his feat works in 12” only (and avoids usual melee attacks). But is there anyone else?

Still, although the Flying Heavy Gambit is very situational, it works pretty well if it’s triggered by your opponent. If you hit with Conquest the caster (or heavy) is gone. And the nice thing about the throw: It’s a melee attack, even ignoring Stealth and Shield Guard.

Spriggan or Beast09

The Flying Heavy Gambit works especially well with a Spriggan or Beast09 thanks to reach (or even Drago thanks to the Imprint): You’d still have the full number of attacks, even if you can’t knock the caster down and deviate 2 or 3”. That’s 100%, even if you miss!

My next test list: Irusk1 with Conquest and Spriggan – and the usual units…

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One comment

  1. declan

    I’ve done similar with a castigator and darton vilmon

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