Iron Gauntlet 2013: Best in the World!

The ultimate Warmachine and Hordes event has arrived: Its champion will lay claim to the title “Best in the World” – welcome to the Iron Gauntlet: Warmachine & Hordes World Championship!

Iron Gauntlet

Iron Gauntlet Qualifier Events

The Iron Gauntlet qualifier events will challenge players the world over to earn a spot in the top 16, and a shot at claiming the World title: In the annual Iron Gauntlet Finals, the best of the best will come together and square off to determine the true master of Warmachine and Hordes.

The 2013 Iron Gauntlet begins at the Lock & Load GameFest 2013 in Seattle, WA and concludes at the next year’s Lock & Load.

Iron Gauntlet Regions

Each Iron Gauntlet player will be assigned to one of four regions: The names of the regions will vary from year to year and are broadly geographic. The selected names will roughly correspond to the locations of Iron Gauntlet qualifier events that are run in those regions. The current regions are: North America East, North America West, Europe, and Australia/Asia.

Players who finish in the Top 16 at an Iron Gauntlet qualifier and earn points toward qualification for the Iron Gauntlet finals will be assigned a region based on their current address.

Iron Gauntlet Finals

At the conclusion of the Iron Gauntlet season, sixteen qualified players will compete in the Iron Gauntlet finals to be played annually at the Lock & Load GameFest. The two players with the highest point totals in their region at the end of the Iron Gauntlet season automatically qualify for the finals.

Regional ties are broken based first on highest number of event wins and then on highest number of head-to-head wins against tied players. In the event that a regional point leader cannot attend the Iron Gauntlet finals, the player with the highest point total across all regions will qualify.

The remaining eight Iron Gauntlet finals player slots are granted to the players with the highest overall point totals for the season, regardless of region.

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  1. Jacob Everingham

    FYI The Australia/Asia event is now on the list.

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