The Chargometer: Templates and Widgets

Got it, finally! I almost always wanted that “Chargometer” template – but nobody wanted to produce and deliver it:

The Chargometer

The Chargometer

What it does? Well, easy: the Chargometer is 9” -30mm long (that’s 19.86 cm). You can place it in front of your standard SPD 6 trooper and place him in front of the Chargometer afterwards. It’s width is 30mm, so you’ll even know if your charge is possible at all – or if you’re moving across other model’s bases, are getting any freestrikes etc. pp. Add your standard 1” template and it works with your SPD 7 trooper as well. Neat, isn’t it?

Where I bought this? From “Templates and Widgets” of course – a new, well, templates and widgets producer in Vienna, Austria. (Indeed, that’s within the EU, finally!) – The very best thing about it: the Chargometer wasn’t in stock, it was produced just for me. So, whatever template you ever wanted to own: just define and order it!

Bernhard Bornatowicz: “If you are looking for an item that did not match the range of Templates & Widgets, let us know. We are happy to find a solution for you.” – Bernhard solved my Chargometer problem and delivered promptly! Great job! Well done!

Intelligent Objectives

Besides other stuff I ordered his intelligently designed objective marker:

Widgets: Really cool Objectives

Templates and Measurement

And I added some of the standard templates to my purchase as well:

Templates and Measurement

Bernhard responded very quickly via eMail and seems to be a very nice guy. Looking forward to play a game of Warmachine and Hordes with him one day or another.

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Kriegsspiele (wargames) talks about tabletop wargaming: Warmachine and Hordes in particular;


  1. baziron

    That charge-o-metre… well played, sir. I tip my hat to you.

    And I’ll probably get myself one as well.

  2. Kovac

    Great Products!

    Do they only deliver to smogcon?

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